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HP Procurve Preferred Partner


eNetworks is proud to announce that we have been awarded HP Business Partner Status for 2016 by Hewlett Packard. This has mainly come about though the recognition of our skills in the HP networking suite. It has long been a stated direction of eNetworks to work with the HP networking range of products. As we have been involved in the roll-out of more and more networks, it has become clear that this really is the product of choice right now.

Features like  lifetime warranties with a next day swap out and software updates for life, all included in the purchase price, mean that there is an enormous return on investment. Gone are the days, where the purchase prices was a fraction of the ownership cost. HP has now been catipulted into the number two postion in the world, and is the only networking company in the world that showed positive growth last year. Basically market share was taken from all the other contenders.

Ease of use and the adherance to industry standards means easy integration into your network. There are now no more propritary solutions in the range, so integration into your existing lan becomes easy.

Their purchase of Colubris NetworksOn August 11, 2008 HP announced the acquisition of Colubris Networks, a maker of wireless networking products has shown their commitment to integrated wireless solutions. Colubris bring an established 802.11B/G/N range of products to the table and we look forward to exciting developments on this front.

Solutions for guest access at hotels and other managed corporate wi-fi solutions can now be integrated into your core switch for central management.

HP Accreditations & Certifications:


HP Accredited Integration Specialist:
This designation indicates partners who employ HP Certified Professionals with the proven expertise required to integrate platforms, operating systems, storage and application components as they design, support and integrate your specific business-class networked solutions.


HP Accredited Sales Professional:

This designation indicates a partner with sales people who can professionally anticipate your IT needs and recommend the appropriate HP enterprise solution for your business requirements and opportunities, based on their extensive knowledge of HP products.