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Acceptable usage Policy for "Business Access - Uncapped"


The Business Access - Uncapped service provides business users with a selectable fixed-speed Internet Access line where no limit on the amount of bandwidth consumption is placed. The line is metered on a monthly basis, and soft throttling is applied based on the volume of data that is consumed over the line. The customer pays a flat rate for the service in direct proportion to the speed of the service.

Acceptable Use:

Acceptable use starts at the 1st second on the first day of a month, and ends at midnight on the last day of the same month.

We deem a certain amount of Giga Bytes (GB) of data, in direct relation to the speed of the line, to be "business use". Once that amount of data has been consumed, a 75% speed throttle is applied to the line. This is called "Threshold 1". As bandwidth consumption continues, a second point is reached – "Threshold 2" – where a 50% speed throttle is applied. This 50% throttle is maintained until the month is completed. See table 1 below.

All peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic is deemed non-business and is throttled by 50% on a permanent basis. P2P traffic contributes to the overall usage statistics of bandwidth consumption and will therefore have a direct effect on how soon a business user reaches Threshold1 or Threshold2.

Policy implementation:

eNetworks applies selective speed-throttling on un-limited connectivity lines where the customer pays a flat monthly rate irrespective of how much bandwidth was used during that month. A direct relation is maintained between the speed of the service and the points where throttling takes place. The table below illustrates the two Threshold positions for the selected line speeds.

Speed (Down) Threshold 1
Throttled to 75%
of download speed
Threshold 2
Throttled to 50%
of download speed
1 100 GB 150 GB
2 200 GB 300 GB
5 500 GB 750 GB
10 1000 GB 1500 GB
15 1500 GB 2250 GB
20 2000 GB 3000 GB
30 3000 GB 4500 GB
40 4000 GB 6000 GB
50 5000 GB 7500 GB
100 10 000 GB 15 000 GB

Table 1: AUP thresholds based on line speed

Policy changes:

eNetworks reserves the right to introduce further sophistication into the use of unlimited bandwidth. This will include session length timers as well as a "walled garden" where certain sites will never be throttled (Twitter, Facebook, ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB, Investec and Nedbank).