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Fibre To The Building

Stay where you are!  eNetworks brings Fibre to YOUR Building

eNetworks have partnered with Century City Connect to deliver ISP services to businesses situated in the Century City precinct.

We are able to deliver speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 100Mbps over fibre to your office.  The products cater for businesses small to enterprise, coupled with various levels of support bolted on.

Just some of the advantages you can expect:

  • Low connection fees

    We are able to offer low setup costs

  • Fast, faster, fastest...

    Revolutionary broadband speeds

  • Shorter contracts

    Avoid signing away your future

  • Rapid deployment

    Deployment is fast and painless

In order to provide the best price vs. performance points, we offer different blends of guaranteed bandwidth.  For example, 1:1 guaranteed bandwidth is the first choice for Enterprise type applications.  Naturally these include super-fast Internet Access, yet also broadens the scope to run real-time data replication to our Data Centre and Cloud services, Voice calls and even Video Conferencing.

SMEs often choose the more cost-effective 5:1 services, where you know your line is never used by more than 4 other users and for more price-sensitive bandwidth users, we offer a 10:1 service at 10 or 20Mbps.  This represents ultimate value and consistently provides the bandwidth and network repsonse you expect.

For more  information about this service, visit www.centurycityconnect.com