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HP Tipping Point IPS Security

HP TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems

Our new HP TippingPoint N Platform Intrusion Prevention Systems are now faster than ever. These three new configurations offer 8Gbps, 10Gbps, and 16Gbps of inspected throughput, providing in-line, real-time threat protection for your data center and network core deployments.

Key features

  • Network Security

    Industry-proven, proactive network security

  • Up to Date

    Up to date and broad IPS protection

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduced overall security costs and complexity

  • DV Labs

    DV Labs — Our industry leading security research team

  • Security Compliance

    Security compliance and best practices


There are two main ranges available. They all operate in exactly the same way, but differ in port densities and performance.

The HP Tipping Point IDS range operates up to 300Mb/s. The HP Tipping Point N-Series operates up to 8Gb/s. There is a N-Series bundle product that manages combined throughout of up to 16GB/s. This is all without introducing any packet latency!

The HP S Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Series

The HP S Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Series optimized for performance and reliability at 20, 100, and 300 Mbps with very flexible deployment options. For perimeter protection, the solutions can be deployed in front of or behind a router/firewall to immediately protect the network and applications from inbound threats. Deployment between network zones provides isolation and protects sensitive zones from internal attacks. HP IPS solutions are designed to preserve availability, performance, and security for enterprises and service providers alike. They give service providers more flexibility for general or dedicated protection for their customers' assets. The series also has integrated Zero Power High Availability (ZPHA) so that a simple power failure does not cause a network outage. This series complements other HP IPS solutions, which provide network protection in high-bandwidth locations such as the core network and data center.

The HP S Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) N Series

The HP S Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) N Series achieves a new level of in-line, real-time protection, providing proactive network security for today’s and tomorrow’s real-world network traffic and data centers. The IPS platform’s next-generation architecture adds significant capacity for deep packet traffic inspection, and its modular software design enables the addition of valuable network protection services to its proven intrusion prevention solution. This new best-of-breed IPS platform redefines intrusion prevention as a foundation for comprehensive network security.

Contact us today if you want to test the Tipping Point IDS equipment on your LAN. We will install it and leave it monitoring for a few days. Then we will report back to you with our findings. What is really going on on the network shocks most people.