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Your Internet Service and Network Specialists

eNetworks offers solution-driven service and cutting-edge efficiency without sacrificing our personal touch. Our leading priority is technical stability, we simply don't tolerate downtime and our skilled support staff are there to ensure your queries are handled with ease.

We place specific emphasis on quality bandwidth and deliver unique service packages to suit your needs. Our offerings include:

Contact us to see how we can save you money. A quote costs nothing - let us come in and show you how to get more speed from the Internet and save at the same time.

Additionally, we provide remote back-up technology designed to save only the data you have changed since the last replication instead of the entire file, allowing for system sophistication without making unnecessary bandwidth sacrifices.

eNetworks consulting division uniquely customizes services to resolve your networking problems, design and implement new systems as well as troubleshooting existing ones. We take responsibility for the entire installation process, from working out the IP address structure to configuring a mail, Intranet and Proxy server as well as any further management requirements.

eNetworks offers solution-driven services to SME's as well as corporate clients looking for reliable leased-line Internet access through fixed circuits via Telkom's Diginet service into our Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban data centres. Point to point fibre services are available via Neotel too. See how you can convert your Diginet line to a 2Mb/s fibre circuit from Neotel and still come in under budget.

If you are tired of the same old excuses from your ISP and support staff that do everything but provide support, you have found your new home. We invite you to browse our website or give us a call, our personnel will ensure that you never get stuck in a voicemail jungle.

We are also a certified Cisco Partner and we hold HP Networking Select Partner certification. eNetworks is a part of the Datacentrix Holding Limited group of companies.