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Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting | Linux Hosting | Windows Hosting

Choose a package that's just right for you:

5 Gig Web Storage
5 Gig Mail Storage
5 Gig Mysql Storage
5 databases
120 mailboxes
120 email aliases
5 FTP accounts
10 multiple domains
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10 Gig Web Storage
10 Gig Mail Storage
10 Gig Mysql Storage
10 databases
275 mailboxes
275 email aliases
10 FTP accounts
25 multiple domains
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15 Gig Web Storage
15 Gig Mail Storage
15 Gig Mysql Storage
25 databases
500 mailboxes
500 email aliases
20 FTP accounts
50 multiple domains
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25 Gig Web Storage
25 Gig Mail Storage
25 Gig Mysql Storage
50 databases
1000 mailboxes
1000 email aliases
25 FTP accounts
75 multiple domains
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Our Shared Web Hosting packages ALL include the following:

Unlimited Traffic (Subject to AUP)

Free SSL with all domains.
(Let's encrypt)

Scheduled Website Backups

Free domain registration
(on 12 month contract)

PHP 5 & Mysql

Automatic Malware reporting and removal

User Control Panel

Tier 1 Storage
(SSD comparable I/O)

If this sounds like Greek to you, or you have specific requirements not covered here, phone +27 21 741 0000 or email us and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements and give you advice on easily changing providers.