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eNetworks polishes ArcelorMittal South Africa's Saldanha Works enterprise network


28 April 2010 – eNetworks, the enterprise network services provider, has vastly improved the performance of local area network (LAN) for Saldanha Works, one of the plants of leading steel company, ArcelorMittal South Africa.

eNetworks diagnosed and optimised the company's existing LAN topology in order to increase performance and uptime. The LAN is used for both the network monitoring system of the steel plant as well as general administration functions. Poor LAN performance and downtime can mean a direct cost to the company from a production point of view and by preventing staff working at maximum capacity, along with the associated frustration of a slow system.

"It's not enough to set up a network and sit back. You have to constantly fine-tune it to receive the best performance and efficiency. After all, a LAN is the lifeblood of a company," said Jonathan Maliepaard, Managing Director of eNetworks.

The 10 Gbps fibre optic LAN stretches between four data centres on the ArcelorMittal South Africa's campus, includes 52 managed switches and is used by more than 500 users. The network is built using HP Procurve equipment.

"eNetworks takes the expertise normally reserved for external networks and applied it to our internal network," said Hennie Mey, Manager of Information Management at Saldanha Works. "We've seen the results in terms of increased uptime and productivity amongst our teams. In addition, they trained our staff at the same time to help us become more self-sufficient.

"We appreciated the fact that Jon and his team didn't come along with an off-the-shelf remedy, but rather that they got a thorough understanding of the situation and our requirements, and then designed a solution for our specific circumstances."

eNetworks has built and optimised some of the country's largest high-end business networks. Its focus is on security, high uptime, redundancy and cost-effectiveness.

About eNetworks

eNetworks, the enterprise network services provider, prides itself on remembering what service is about. It offers managed ISP and enterprise network services to companies looking for a solution to suit their needs, rather than a generic offering.

eNetworks has optimised one of South Africa's largest HP Procurve enterprise networks for ArcelorMittal, and provides business Internet and networking services for, amongst others, Ackermans, Protea Hotels, Habari Media, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Jeffares and Green Consulting Engineers and Edge Investments.

Entrepreneur, Jonathan Maliepaard founded the company in 1999. eNetworks is a Hewlett Packard preferred partner and an HP Procurve Specialist, and also has offerings in the server and storage space. It is also the African distributor for GTA firewalls. It has a level 3 BBBEE status.